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Broadway audiences at the original production of Triumph Of Love were greeted by the sight of a huge gold cloth covering the set. During the music that opens the show, the cloth was slowly lifted into the flies revealing a stylistic topiary maze garden.

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Biography of Jeff Lynne

Jeff Lynne formed the Electric Light Orchestra, or E.L.O., in the 1970’s. The group gradually developed from cult favorites into one of the 70s' leading recording acts, scoring international success with several platinum-selling albums, including “A New World Record” and “Out Of The Blue”. Lynne's dual talents as a composer and producer ensured the group's status but, sensing an artistic sterility, he abandoned his creation in 1986. The artist then assumed an increasingly backroom role, but won praise for his production work with George Harrison (“Cloud Nine”), Randy Newman (“Land Of Dreams”) and Roy Orbison (“Mystery Girl”) and he has also contributed his distinctive production qualities to much of Tom Petty’s recent output. Lynne's work with Orbison coincided with his position as 'Otis Wilbury' in the Traveling Wilburys, an informal 'supergroup' completed by Orbison, Harrison, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. This particularly prolific period was also marked by his work with Brian Wilson on the ex-Beach Boys' first long-awaited solo album.  In recent years, Lynne has produced the Beatles lost tapes, notably “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love”. He co-produced Paul McCartney's “Flaming Pie” in 1997.

Shows by Jeff Lynne

Xanadu JR.