Audition Central: Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon KIDS

Character Breakdown: Captain Bones

Captain Bones is the epitome of a fearsome, odious pirate. He enjoys being vile and mean. Look for an actor who isn’t afraid to really 
put himself out there – one who has both a physical and vocal swagger. Consider casting your strongest comic performer for this role – the absurd comedic tone of the play is highly dependent on Bones. If possible, it would be fun to cast an actor who is smaller in stature than his minions to highlight the comedy of his bullish ways. Although Bones does sing 
a solo part on “How Do You Do, I’m Captain Bones (Part 2),” those lines can be spoken, so if you have a kid who is a talented actor but a less-experienced singer, this role would be good for him. Captain Bones can be played by either a girl or a boy as long as the actor has a commanding stage presence and great comedic timing. 

Vocal Range

B3 - C#5