Audition Central: Bugsy Malone JR.

Character Breakdown: Ensemble

Other standout ensemble roles include: The Radio Announcer, Paper Boy (or Girl), Razmataz, Maître D s, Elegantly Dressed Lady, Waitress, Louella, the Butler, the Trumpet Player on Roller Skates, the Line of Auditionees at the Bijoux, Pop Becker, the Barber and Flash Frankie. These are all good comic roles for young performers. In a smaller ensemble you can double many of these parts. For instance, the Radio Announcer could also play Flash Frankie and Pop Becker. Additionally, students can be cast as Speakeasy staff and customers, including a Waiter, Candy Cigarette Girls, Lena s Bodyguards, Male Gamblers, additional Chorus Girls, Splurge Attendants, Speakeasy Customers, and Members of Fat Sam and Dandy Dan s Gangs. While these are smaller roles, stress to your cast that often small, comedic roles steal the show and make for an even, well-rounded evening at the theatre.