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Audition Materials

Pre-selected Audition Materials for Every Show

Pre-selected and prepared by the creators of each Broadway Junior musical, every packet of free audition materials includes a character description and excerpts from the script and vocal book perfect for auditioning your cast.

It’s simple. Select the musical you are producing, choose a character, and print the information.

Note: The pages included are for audition purposes only. These materials may only be used in conjunction with a performance license of an individual show. Any other use is a violation of the copyright law and strictly prohibited.

Auditioning for Elephant and Piggie's We Are In A Play JR. can be a challenging experience. That's why we have prepared the following excerpts to help you get ready to "Break a leg." Each character has a breakdown, sides, and a small excerpt from the score with which to rehearse your audition.
Stage ManagerViewViewN/A
Ice Cream PenguinViewViewView
Patricia PenguinViewN/AView
Shakesperian PenguinN/AViewN/A
Paulette the PelicanViewN/AN/A
Delivery DogViewViewView
Don, Dan, Dee, and Dru DogViewN/AN/A
Sammi SquirelleViewViewView
Brian BatN/AViewN/A
Sophia SquirelleViewViewView
Santana SquirelleViewViewView
Shayna SquirelleViewViewView