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MTI Facts
Annually MTI licenses over 12,000 separate productions resulting in over 25,000,000 people enjoying the excitement of theatre.

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There are certainly a lot of new ways to browse through our catalogue, but to get the most out of your MTI experience, you should register or login to an account on MyMTI.

If you’ve ever licensed a show from Music Theatre International, you have an account already set up in MyMTI.

If you don’t have your login, but think your theatre might have worked with us in the past, it’s easy to find out – you might already have an account login. 

We offer two ways to check – we might already have your email in our system, and we can email you your password.

Just click on Forgot Your Password?, and enter the email address you’ve used in the past.

Otherwise, it’s easy to check and see if you are listed (this can be helpful if you’ve worked with us in the past, but perhaps we have an older email address, or no email address in our system). Just click on Register, and choose the US State or Canadian Province, wait for the list of cities and towns to populate, and choose that. Then a list of theatres in your city will become available – just choose the correct theatre, and enter all or part of your name.

If we find that you already have an account with us, you will have one of two options to receive your account login:  If we have an email address on file, you’ll receive this message:

Otherwise, if we don’t have an email address for you, you’ll be put in contact with your account representative:

If you don’t see you theatre at all, please follow these steps to set up a new account.


MyMTI made it’s debut two years ago, and we’ve never stopped working to improve and add more functionality.  Now MyMTI is both easier and can do more than ever before!

Under the MyMTI menu, you’ll see just three options – My Account, License a Show and Order Perusals. These links are now available from every page of the MTI Website, and as long as you’re logged in to your account,  can make doing business with us easier – and faster - than ever before.

When navigating through MyMTI, You’ll see a toolbar with options specific to MyMTI at the top of each page.

  • My ACCOUNT: Shows all current and past bookings, offers, and perusals, as well as basics about your organization, including Primary Contact.
  • My ORGANIZATION: Your organization’s name, administrative address, and contact information. Can only be edited by the Primary Contact of your organization.
  • My PROFILE: Your personal contact information. Make sure that your email and phone numbers are up-to-date!
  • CONTACTS: All the people that are associated with your organization, and their permission levels (Permission levels are assigned by the primary contact of an organization and if you’re the primary contact, you can edit users on your account here.)
  • THEATRES:  MTI knows that many theatre organizations have more than one performance venue (or seating setup within a venue).  Make sure that these venues, addresses and seating capacity are entered correctly. You can also enter or edit a theatre’s website address, which will be linked from the UPCOMING PRODUCTIONS section of a showpage for any MTI Show that you’ve booked.
  • BILLING ADDRESS:   Displays all billing contacts that are associated with your theatre. Make sure that these addresses are correct, and that the correct person is listed as the primary billing contact.
  • SHIPPING ADDRESS: Displays all shipping addresses associated with your organization. Double-check all these as well!  The Primary contact may edit all contact information, and each individual listed may edit their own shipping information.


Each theatre organization is assigned a PRIMARY CONTACT in MyMTI, who is the only person with the authority to approve new users on the account, or change the access levels of other users. Typically this is a school administrator, artistic director or someone who is expected to be in charge of a theatre for a long period of time.

Most theatres have other people listed as contacts as well – directors, designers, administrators, teachers, bookkeepers – who need to have access to the MTI account, but don’t have the authority to change organization information or book shows.  These people are listed as ACCESS LEVEL 1, and they have access to most, but not all functions of MyMTI.

At some theatres, the Primary Contact wants to give someone else authority to add or change account information. (For example, an executive director, may want to give full access to the artistic director.). The primary contact may change another users’ access level to ACCESS LEVEL 2, which will give that person the same privileges on the account, with the exception of approving new users and editing an organization main information – such as theatre name -  (which can only be done by the primary contact).

Because the primary contact has so much authority over an organization, we do not allow anyone to change the primary contact of an organization online. For the protection of theatre organizations, MTI will only accept these requests in writing, on theatre letterhead. If you theatre needs to change the primary contact listed with your organization, you may submit this letter by mail or fax.


Gone are the days when it could take weeks to apply for the performance rights to a show - now you can apply online through MyMTI, and if there are no restrictions on a show, you can receive your offer by email in as little as 30 minutes - processing times and shipping for perusal script orders is also amazingly fast!

Step-by-step guide to Online Licensing through MyMTI

  1. Login using the link at the top right of every page on the site.
  2. Choose a show from either the MyMTI Home Page or from any show page on the site
  3. Choose the shows you want to apply for. You may request a quote and availability for up to three titles on a single application.
  4. Fill out your requested performacne dates
  5. Ensure your theatre venue information is all correct - you may add a new performance space if you need to.
    • Be sure to include your theatre's ticketing website so we can display it on the MTI ShowFinder
    • Check your seating capacity and ticket prices. You can have more than one price schedule
      • (For example, you may charge more or less for matinees, weeknights and preview performances)
  6. Double check all addresses and contact information
    • Your contactact information
    • Your organization's billing contact information
    • Your organization's shipping address - After all, you don't want the scripts arriving at the stage door if you need them at the director's house. 
  7. Choose how you would like your contract delivered to you - pick one, two or all three methods.
    • Email Delivery (PDF document)
    • Fax Deliver
    • US Postal Delivery
  8. Final Confirmation - check everything one more time - make any changes you need to and Submit your applicaition.
    If a show has no restrictions, you can receive your license offers in as little as 30 minutes with email and fax delivery!


An exciting change has come to the way MTI delivers account information to its customers! Based on years of feedback from customers, as well as months of development work on our end, MTI will be introducing newly-designed customer Account Statements starting in May 2013. The new Account Statements will feature a summary of all charges (anything that has an open balance) incurred by a customer and will reflect all of its recent activity with MTI (e.g., all licensing activity, perusal activity, and materials charges for all of that customer’s bookings since the last statement period). As always, customers will still be able to access their invoices and account information by logging on to MyMTI, so your information is always a few clicks away.

For more information and step-by-step guide to the new statements, click here.