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How To Read Your Account Statement


An exciting change is coming soon to the way MTI delivers account information to its customers! Based on years of feedback from customers, as well as months of development work on our end, MTI will be introducing newly-designed customer Account Statements starting in May 2013. The new Account Statements will feature a summary of all charges (anything that has an open balance) incurred by a customer and will reflect all of its recent activity with MTI (e.g., all licensing activity, perusal activity, and materials charges for all of that customer's bookings since the last statement period). As always, customers will still be able to access their invoices and account information by logging on to MyMTI at, so your information is always a few clicks away.


The new Account Statement will be delivered via email (as a .pdf attachment) to your organization's primary "Bill To" email address and your primary contact's email address, so it is very important that you confirm that your organization's primary "Bill To" email address and primary contact's email address are correct in order to ensure proper delivery of the upcoming Statement. You can do this quickly and easily right now by logging on to MyMTI. While there, you should also confirm that your organization's other contact information and email addresses are correct.


The email we send containing the Account Statement will feature the subject line "MTI Account Statement for [customer name]." Please keep an eye out for it. Your statement will be a .pdf file attached to the email. [Note: In order to open and review the Statement, you will need .pdf reader software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is easily obtained online for free (available here). Note: MTI will never request credit card, bank account, or password information from you in these emails, so please do not be misled by emails that are from other sources.


For our quick-reference guide on how to read your statement, view the PDF here.

How to Read MTI's New Statements

The new Account Statements are designed to be easy to read, easy to access and easy to use.  The tutorial will make adjusting to the new design and information a breeze.  We greatly appreciate the customer feedback and support that went into the creation of the Account Statements and thank you for being an MTI customer.