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The Violinist, a painting by Russian artist Marc Chagall (1887-1985), depicting a fiddler on the roof of a small house, gave the creators the idea for the title of Fiddler on the Roof.

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Ordering a Perusal


On the left navigation panel on each show page, there is a “Request Perusal” button.  Click the Request Perusal button, and you will then be prompted to login to MyMTI (you can also access MyMTI through the drop-down menu).

What is a Perusal?

A copy of the libretto, or script, for you and your theatre to read to determine if a show is good for your theater and audiences. We strongly encourage you to obtain a perusal for any show you are interested in licensing so you may read it and become familiar with it before you license it for performance.


MTI is excited to announce the launching of E-perusals, our newest resource to our customers. Stop waiting for your perusals to be processed and shipped to you. Now you can request an E-perusal online or over the phone and have the perusal waiting in your Inbox in less than an hour!  E-perusals can be sent to up to 6 emails per request. The first email is $5 for the perusal and each subsequent email is only $2. For more information, please view our E-perusal page here.


Perusal Package (All Titles)


If you’re uncertain about choosing a show to license, ordering a Perusal Package can help you make an informed decision.  A Perusal Package contains up to three shows' librettos (so you can “peruse” the scripts before you make your decision).

You will be billed a $20 shipping/handling fee for each Perusal Package (up to three (3) titles per package).


You may keep the perusal for six (6) weeks. If you need to keep it longer you must contact MTI for an extension or you will be billed a replacement fee for the perusal materials. ALL PERUSALS, including JR and KIDS titles, must be returned to MTI.


NOTE: Receipt of a perusal does not necessarily indicate that a title is available for production. Make sure you have received a valid Performance License before proceeding with any announcements, advertising or production plans.