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Highly successful when it was first on Broadway, Where’s Charley? never benefitted from an original Broadway cast recording due to a recording industry strike.

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E-Perusals from MTI

MTI is excited to announce the launching of E-perusals, our newest resource to our customers. Stop waiting for your perusals to be processed and shipped to you. Now you can request an E-perusal online or over the phone and have the perusal waiting in your Inbox in less than an hour!  

When you request an E-perusal from MTI you will receive an email that links you to an online hosting website, Watchdox, where you can view the entire libretto for the selected musicals you request.   Click on the link in your email and you will be prompted to register your device to Watchdox. After registering, you have unlimited access to the script for six weeks.

Read the script... Make sure you are making the right show choice for your next production.


What is an E-perusal? MTI E-perusals are a quicker way to get our librettos to you when you are trying to decide on a musical to perform. When you request an E-perusal you will receive an email that links you to an online hosting website, Watchdox, where you can view the entire libretto for the selected musicals you request. These E-perusals are digital versions of our printed librettos that are searchable.  

How much do E-perusals cost? E-perusals can be sent to up to 6 emails per request. The first email is $5 for the perusal and each subsequent email is only $2.  

Why would I send an E-perusal to more than one email? E-perusals are the perfect way to share your possible musical choices with a reading committee to help select the perfect musical. In just a few minutes you can add the emails for your committee and they will each receive an individual email linking them to the E-perusals you are deciding between.  

How can I access my E-perusals? You can view your E-perusals on multiple platforms, including desktop/laptop, tablets, and smart phones. Desktop and laptop applications require internet connection to view the perusals. There is a Watchdox app available for tablets and smart phones (both iPhone, Android and Blackberry) which has the ability to save your perusals for offline viewing.  

Can I print my E-perusals? No, the E-perusals are not downloadable or printable. They are viewable only through the Watchdox site or app. Each E-perusal is watermarked and available for 6 weeks from the time you receive it.  

Can I forward my E-perusal? No. Each E-perusal is tagged to one user and one email address. You can add additional email addresses to your order for $2 per email address.

Can I keep the E-perusal longer? Yes, contact your licensing representative if you need an extension on your E-perusal.  

Can I still have scripts mailed to me? Of course! Not everyone wants a digital copy of the script for perusal purposes - and MTI will continue to offer mailed copies of all our titles, just as we have before. MTI will ship up to 3 scripts at a time, for a single shipping fee of $20 - whether your order one or three perusals, the fee is the same. And you'll still need to ship back your perusal script by the end of the 6-week perusal period.

Something isn't working - Help! For help with WatchDox and ePerusal files, the fastest way to get help is directly through WatchDox here: