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MTI Facts
The original Cat In The Hat for the "Suessical" workshop was none other than SCTV's Andrea Martin who has appeared on Broadway in "My Favorite Year" and "Candide." She was nominated for TonyŽ Awards for both shows, and won for "My Favorite Year."

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The MTI Broadway Junior Collection® Divides into two categories
to accommodate different age ranges:
MTI Broadway Junior Collection: JR Titles MTI Broadway Junior Collection - KIDS Titles

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Every MTI JR. show is pecifically adapted for adolescent voices, saving your students from struggling through numbers they won’t be prepared to tackle for a few more years. Since all shows are roughly 60-70 minutes long, these adaptations are better suited for the stamina of younger actors—and the attention spans of younger audiences!

MTI JR. shows range from Disney favorites (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST JR., HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL JR.) to Broadway classics (FIDDLER ON THE ROOF JR., GUYS AND DOLLS JR.) to modern works (ONCE ON THIS ISLAND JR., DEAR EDWINA JR.). We also license shows written only for MTI JR., like Disney’s MULAN JR. and Roald Dahl’s WILLY WONKA JR. With a variety of subject matter and required skill levels, MTI JR. musicals redefine the middle school theatre experience.

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MTI KIDS shows are specifically designed for the energies (and attention spans!) of elementary school students. At just half an hour in length, MTI KIDS shows are long enough to tell a complete story through script, song and dance, while short enough to be well within your cast’s abilities.

MTI KIDS titles range from adaptations of classic Disney films (Disney's SLEEPING BEAUTY KIDS, Disney's THE ARISTOCATS KIDS), to beloved children’s books (A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD KIDS, Roald Dahl’s WILLY WONKA KIDS).

MTI Broadway JR ShowKit

With the MTI ShowKitTM that comes with every MTI Broadway Junior Collection® show, there’s no way to fail! Even teachers with no theatrical training or experience can easily put on a successful production. All ShowKits™ contain helpful materials enabling you to make your musical the ultimate interdisciplinary teaching tool. We even include a Director’s Guide, a first-timer’s handbook about producing Broadway’s most beloved musicals, as well as an accompaniment CD to make rehearsals and performances a snap.

The MTI Broadway Junior Collection® ShowKit™ INCLUDES:
30 Actor Scripts • 2 Rehearsal/Accompaniment CDs • 1 Piano/Vocal Score
1 Director’s Guide • 1 Choreographic DVD • 30 Family Matters Books

Theatre as Education

Studies have shown that students involved in theatre develop better cognitive skills, exhibit higher self-esteem, build collaborative and social skills, display better study habits and consistently perform higher on standardized tests.

  • With an MTI Broadway Junior Collection® show, putting on a musical will be the most cost-effective program you can establish for your school—and it has clear benefits for all involved.
  • For once, here’s a project that can involve a nearly unlimited number of students without costing an arm and a leg. Ensembles in MTI Broadway Junior Collection® shows can be as numerous as 100 students, making the material’s cost work out to less than $4 per student.
  • Teachers won’t have to spend hours writing original musicals to fit their students’ acting skills and vocal ranges.
  • The process of putting on a show cultivates school spirit and generates community support.

Curriculum Connections: A musical helps students make connections across a variety of subjects. Teachers can use the musical as context in teaching History, Science, and English. Art, Music, and Physical Education classes can be geared towards creating props, learning songs, and practicing dance steps.

Over 30,000 Success Stories and Growing
Since 1997, over 30,000 productions of shows from the MTI Broadway Junior Collection® have taught kids and entertained audiences around the world. The success of our shows is best measured in the self-confidence, discipline, character, cooperation and self-esteem instilled in the children who have participated in the shows, as they master the diverse skills necessary to present a musical.

Musicals as Curriculum
MTI is now represented in the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill general music textbook “Spotlight on Music.” Students in grades one through eight are introduced to some of the greatest musicals ever written, along with lessons about history, art, language and social sciences. The “Broadway For Kids” section of these books represents the first time that “MTI mini-musicals” (excerpts from our MTI JR. and MTI KIDS shows) are available for classroom study and performance as part of school curriculum.

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