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Kept from the wrestling team because of knee injury, a teen-age Tom Cruise auditioned and won the role of Nathan Detroit in his Glen Ridge, NJ high school production of Guys And Dolls, and so began his acting career.

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Professional Television Commercials personalized to promote YOUR production

After all of the work in creating a production-fundraising, finding the right cast, musicians, designers and crew, rehearsals, building the sets, hanging lights, sewing costumes, scavenging props, what’s next? Attracting an audience.

The bottle dance. The dream sequence. The fiddler. Tevye’s raised arms as he dances. Indelible images that say FIDDLER ON THE ROOF in a way that print ads or flyers can’t. Combine these images together, and you have one great advertising spot for your production. Too difficult or expensive to produce? Not any more!


In this media-driven age, you can now reach thousands of potential audience members in an instant with "TV Spots" that include specific performance information about YOUR production.

With the viewer base expanding for local and cable channels, television advertising rates are now affordable… or even free (most public access channels have to donate a certain amount of time for public use).

MTI is pleased to offer TV Spots, shot in color by a professional TV commercial company, featuring costumed performers or animation.


These 10,15 and 30 second ads can easily be individually personalized by your local station. They are provided to you on industry standard 3/4" U-matic video tape.


With rental fees based on YOUR theatre’s size and length of run, these TV Spots are affordable by any size group. All broadcast rights are cleared; no residual payments are due.

The best reward for a great production is getting an audience to fill every seat for every performance. You supply the reason for the standing ovation; let MTI help supply the audience!