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John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, two of the leading characters in 1776, both died on the fourth of July, 1826!

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MTI Virtual Stage Management


Virtual Stage Management (VSM)is a powerful and simple stage management tool. VSM is a personal, interactive website that combines show management, artist accessibility and social networking in one powerful, simple, and user-friendly online application. Now, managers can supervise the action of a production while artists receive and interact with up-to-date information. Information is incredibly easy to update and access. You can store unlimited information on cast, crew, and staff to create a valuable resource. By eliminating a majority of the time spent producing paperwork, artistic staff members are free to manage more important aspects of the arts: good communication and while supervising your production.

Exclusive to MTI, many of the most popular shows have been broken down by professional stage managers and developed into ready-to-use templates. These “Gold Masters” include character/ scene breakdowns, contractual publishing information, and pertinent show information to manage your production and export multiple reports including your “showbill.”

Many of the most popular shows from Music Theatre International have already been broken down by professional stage managers for you...with more shows added every week!

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