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The film version of Singin’ In The Rain was named one of the top ten movies of all time by the American Film Institute.

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MTI ShowTix4U

ShowTix4U is an inexpensive and easy-to-use online ticketing system. If you are looking for a complete box office system, an online ticketing solution, or saving money the way you currently sell tickets, then ShowTix IS 4 U.

The process is simple and risk free:

  • Sign up online as a Client (free no obligations).
  • Submit your event online for approval and creation (free no obligations).
  • Start Selling Tickets (and start making money).
  • Receive one check for all tickets purchased online at the end of your event.

ShowTix4U is powerful because you can integrate it into your current event sales practices in many ways. Below are four short online tours that highlight some of the features of our system.

  1. CUSTOMER ONLINE TICKET SALES: Your customers can now purchase your tickets online with a major credit card and print tickets themselves thus adding a new revenue stream while eliminating work for you. Take a tour now.
  2. BOX OFFICE: Your team can sell tickets over the phone or in person using cash, check, or credit card and/or print tickets for customers. You can search and edit customer and transaction information, view reports, and change preferences in a safe, password-protected site. Take a tour now.
  3. PRINTING & EXTRAS: You can print reports, labels, and tickets in multiple formats, along with some other great extras. Download the Supported Equipment PDF or take a tour now.
  4. PRICING: We understand the financial constraints that arise from sharing the arts with your community. That is why we have built the most inexpensive, user-friendly, and safe online ticketing system available. See how ShowTix4U can fit into your budget. View now.

Reach a larger audience and make the switch to a better ticketing system, Sign up as a client and start your online ticket sales today! Feel free to peruse what your customers will see, using this demo client.