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News from "The Civil War": The Battle of Gettysburg claimed casualties of almost 51,000 lives—more than twenty times the population of the town of Gettysburg itself. The war would continue for two more years.

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MTI Transpositions on Demand


It happens all the time: you hire the right actor for the role, but the right actor has the wrong vocal range for the character’s songs. He’s perfect in every other way, but no matter what you do, he just can’t hit that high note (or low note). So you decide to transpose the songs to a more suitable key...

Transposing the piano/conductor score and orchestra parts for just one song could take days or even weeks by hand. With MTI's Transpositions On-Demand, you can get almost any song in virtually any key, printed in state-of-the-art, easy-to-read computer typeset.


First, fully establish a performance key. Once you’re sure of the key, fill out the order form (online or download) and send it to MTI along with your full payment. We’ll send you the transposed parts in about three-four weeks. We’ll ship your transpositions unbound on individual sheets so you can insert them into your existing parts.

If you also order the RehearScore®Plus rehearsal aide, you can utilize its unique transposition feature to determine the perfect key. This computerized rehearsal pianist can help you determine the best key and makes rehearsing in the new key (until the transpositions arrive) much easier.


Either the piano/conductor or piano/vocal score for $50
the complete set of orchestral parts for $100
Get both for one low fee of $125