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Music Theatre International has teamed up with industry leader Character Translations to create crucial, but affordable rental props for LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and AVENUE Q / AVENUE Q SCHOOL EDITION. Please contact your Licensing Representative for pricing and ordering information.

Audrey II Puppets

Based on Martin P. Robinson’s original designs, but utilizing new light-weight materials developed since the original run of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, these new Audrey II plants weigh almost half as much as its original predecessor. This means that it looks great, but it’s easier to operate and less expensive to ship!

All four plants - from seedling to psychopath - are included.

Renting or building the diabolical plants required for LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS has long been a factor in a theatre’s decision whether or not to produce the show. If you're not careful, the cost can eat up profits faster than Audrey II goes through a sirloin - or a dentist! Because the quality of the plants available for rent can vary widely, many are unwieldy and incredibly heavy! Fortunately, Audrey II is now available to rent for the lenght of your run from MTI. All four plants - from seedling to psychopath are included!


Standard Rental: Plants will arrive 2 weeks prior to first performance and include one (1) performance week. BASED ON AVAILABILITY. RENTAL IS ONLY GUARANTEED WITH FULL PAYMENT AND SIGNED CONTRACT. A Plant Rental Contract will be sent to you only after your dates have been checked and a plant is available for rental. Rental is for Plants ONLY and does NOT include the final drop (for "Don’t Feed The Plants"). Blueprints for construction of this drop are included.

AVENUE Q Puppets

A complete set of 26 dynamic puppets (11 practice puppets and 15 performance puppets) is now available to rent for your theatre's production of AVENUE Q / AVENUE Q SCHOOL EDITION.

Since almost every puppet has at least one costume change during the show, we provide an in depth schematic detailing which puppet should be used for each scene and what clothes they should be wearing. Puppets such as Rod and Kate have hands and are operated by a two-rod system.  Others, such as Trekkie and Nicky, are "live hand puppets" that utilize the puppeteers' free hand as the hand of the puppet.

  • Watch a video of the puppets in action
  • See photos of puppets in their costume(s)
  • Puppet Rental Requests: PDF


In addition to the beautifully crafted performance puppets, you will receive a set of practice puppets.  Making the MTI set truly unique and a wonderful resource for theatres everywhere, these 11 puppets are for use during rehearsals and for actors to practice with at home.


The Rehearsal Puppets will be sent so that they ship six (6) weeks prior to your opening date, and then the set of Performance Puppets will be shipped separately approximately three (3) weeks before your opening date.  At that time, your Rehearsal Puppets will then be scheduled to be picked up and shipped back to the warehouse at Character Translations.


Sample Rental Set with Costume Changes