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The Broadway production of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers starred Debbie Boone, a descendant of real life pioneer, Daniel Boone.

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MTI Stage Manager Scripts


Gone are the days of not being able to highlight lighting and set cues in the script! Forget writing in the tiny margins of a normal libretto/vocal book! With MTI's Stage Manager Script, you can write in pen, ink or highlighter and NOT have to worry about erasing the books before returning them to MTI! Just think: an authorized production-friendly legal copy of the libretto that you can personalize for your production.

Though still a rental item, Stage Manager Scripts are enlarged and printed single sided on standard 8.5” by 11”  paper. Formatted exactly the same as our normal libretto/vocal books (7.5” by 10”), Stage Manager Scripts are easier-to-read in dimly lit backstage areas. The format of the pages allows for over triple the amount of space for writing cues, blocking notes, and complicated choreographic dance steps. Give spacious margins and blank sides to your detail-minded stage manager!

Unlike our normal libretto/vocal book binding, Stage Manager Scripts are three-hole punched and lie open flat, facilitating easy page flipping, hands-free cueing and blocking. Each script is bound in a standard black binder, which can sit unobtrusively backstage, or in the wings.

With the addition of tabbed divider sheets, the binder can easily become the production’s “prompt book”, keeping the script, set and lighting plots, rehearsal reports, and various paper work in one place!

The Stage Manager Script is also a valuable resource for directors, choreographers, designers and technicians' various artistic needs and technical requirements.

Please contact your Licensing Representative for ordering information.