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The Broadway production of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers starred Debbie Boone, a descendant of real life pioneer, Daniel Boone.

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MTI Community Rentals have moved to MTI ShowSpace!

As you may know, MTI launched a new social and professional networking site, MTI ShowSpace. To serve you better, we've moved Community Rentals over to this new site. This has allowed us to make some exciting improvements and features to the Community Rentals resource.

Based on your feedback, new features include:

  • Indications of whether your items are for rent or sale -- or both.
  • Multiple photos of the items for rent or sale.
  • Listing for multiple shows. (i.e. red curly wig for ANNIE and ANNIE JR. can be selected for both shows on the same listing...)
  • Customer correspondence through the MTI ShowSpace messaging system.
  • Edit Anytime.
  • Maps clearly displaying where your items are located. (Makes local pickup easier, if you choose to allow this...)

Best of all, Community Rentals remain completely free of charge!

What does this mean for you?

Because we are not able to move your old community rentals over to the new site - you'll need to create new listings on MTI ShowSpace.

Getting Started with Community Rentals on MTI ShowSpace

Please go to MTI ShowSpace and create an account. It's easy and FREE. Because MTI ShowSpace is totally separate from MTI Shows, your old MTI login won't work here.

Once you've created an account and logged in, just roll you mouse over the COMMUNITY tab, and select COMMUNITY RENTALS. Alternately, you can also access the COMMUNITY RENTALS from the widget displayed on the home page of the site near the lower left corner.

When you have navigated to the COMMUNITY RENTALS section of the site, just click the CREATE A NEW COMMUNITY RENTAL link on the left side of the page, enter your rental details, and you'll be all set.




Please feel free to contact us at anytime for more information and assistance.