Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Act One

("Overture"). King Arthur nervously tries to persuade his teacher from the future, Merlyn, to tell him about his future wife and queen, Guenevere. ("I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight"). Guenevere arrives and successfully avoids the pestering crowds ("The Simple Joys of Maidenhood"). An accidental meeting occurs between Arthur and Guenevere, who are delighted to recognize mutual affection ("Camelot"). 

Merlyn, having been lured away by a mythical spirit ("Follow Me"), leaves Arthur on his own. Five years pass, and attempting to rule on the wisdom set by Merlyn, Arthur creates the Round Table, where no man shall take the head of the table and all will be viewed equally. A haughty Knight in France, Lancelot, hears of the Round Table and sets off for Camelot ("C'est Moi"). Lancelot arrives during a May Day Celebration ("The Lusty Month of May"), and all but King Arthur find him disagreeable. Arthur is dismayed by Guenevere's dislike towards Lancelot, but cannot be angry with her ("How To Handle A Woman"). 

Three knights, inspired by Guenevere, challenge Lancelot ("The Jousts"). Lancelot defeats all three, and even seemingly brings one knight back to life. Guenevere, noticing the adoration of the crowd, discovers herself falling in love with Lancelot, and wishes him to leave so as not to break her marriage vows ("Before I Gaze at You Again"). Lancelot, despite claiming immunity to love's traps and his fealty to Arthur, is madly in love with Guenevere. Arthur, meanwhile is aware of this, but hopes it will blow over ("Resolution"). 

Act Two

Years later, Lancelot and Guenevere are still tormented over their unfullfilled love ("If Ever I Would Leave You"). She has remained devoted to Arthur. Mordred, Arthur's illegitmate son, arrives in Camelot with sinister plans to destroy the chivalrous Knights of The Round Table ("The Seven Deadly Virtues"). Meanwhile, a downtrodden and exhausted Arthur discusses with Guenevere the simpler pleasures in life ("What Do the Simple Folk Do?"). 

Mordred seeks his sorceress and sweet-loving Aunt, Morgan le Fay, and bribes her to cast a spell on Arthur, rendering him unable to reach the castle. He then rallies the Knights with tales of glory, making them miss their former days of fighting and pillaging ("Fie On Goodness"). Lancelot, unable to contain his passion, visits Guenevere and kisses her ("I Loved You Once In Silence"). Mordred and the incited knights catch them. Lancelot escapes, but Guenevere is caught, tried, and sentenced to burn at the stake for her treason. ("Guenevere"). At the execution, a conflicted King Arthur is struggling with what to do. At the last moment, Lancelot arrives, rescues Guenevere and escapes, after killing some knights. Arthur now must wage war on Lancelot, all while Mordred is waging war on Camelot through England. 

Beaten down by the waging war, and the Round Table dissolved, Arthur meets Lancelot and Guenevere. Their fiery relationship failed and Guenevere is now a nun. They offer to give themselves up, but good King Arthur will not see his former love burned or Lancelot beheaed. He forgives them both and they depart. 

Later that night, Arthur meets a young boy named Tom who wants to join the Round Table. Arthur is inspired by this idealistic young man, knights him and sends him back to England to grow up there — to pass on King Arthur's ideals of chivalry and "Camelot."