Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Gerald, a lumbering, somewhat formally attired elephant prone to melancholy, and Piggie, an ebullient pig, are best friends searching for one another as the show opens. When they finally cross paths, they are overjoyed ("Lucky To See You"), and the ensemble joins them to sing. Just before the button of the song, Gerald expresses that he hopes nothing goes terribly, horribly, best-friendship-endingly wrong in the next thirty minutes.

Piggie express to Gerald that she is excited about the day because she has no idea what will happen - in the Zoom era, no one knows what will happen - and this is demonstrated when Delivery Dog arrives with an envelope for her. Piggie and Gerald open the envelope to find that Piggie has received an invitation to a party being hosted by Sammi, Sophia, Santana, and Shayna Squirrelle! Piggie is excited, but also nervous: she has never been to a party. Gerald assures her that he knows parties, and they attend the party with the Squirrelles and other Party Guests ("Zoomy! Fancy! - Part 1").

Piggie is nervous about dancing, but the Sammi Squirrelle shows her how ("Zoomy! Fancy! - Part 2"). Piggie is proud of herself for learning the dance and confesses she was about to "party-panic" - which just happens to be the name of every elephant's favorite dance! Gerald teaches everyone The Party Panic ("Zoomy! Fancy! - Part 3").

After a successful party, Piggie and the party guests exit. Gerald begins to feel lonely, but the Ice Cream Penguin enters with the ice cream cart! Gerald gets some ice cream and debates whether or not to share it with Piggie. The Ice Cream Penguin convinces him to wait for her and share ("Ice Cream Hero - Part 1"). Gerald is excited to share with Piggie, until he realizes that in all the excitement his ice cream has melted ("Ice Cream Hero - Part 2"). Shakespearean Penguin narrates the moment. Luckily, Piggie returns with her own ice cream cone to share with Gerald.

Suddenly, Gerald and Piggie realize they are being watched by an audience. They call the rest of the cast to see, and everyone realizes they are in a play ("We're In A Play"). Everyone sings along as the audience participates in the song.

When the Stage Managerinforms Gerald that there are only a few pages left in the script, he begins to panic, but Piggie calms him down ("We'll Be Friends"). Gerald and Piggie's windows go black. The Squirrelles' windows come on screen, waiting to see if Gerald and Piggie come back - and they do! The characters' windows pop back up on the screen for one final song ("We've Been Lucky").