Questions for Urinetown

Urinetown with High School Students?

July 11, 2011
Is this show doable with High school students?

Urinetown with 11-14 year olds?

August 25, 2010
Has anyone done Urinetown with the middle school/junior high age group?Looking for your experiences and advice, particularly with the challenging music.Thanks!

Urinetown at your school?

July 7, 2009
I teach at an independent K-12 school. Our annual musical is performed by the high school but often school families will attend. I have a question for people who have done 'Urinetown'. Did you have to talk your administrators into doing the show? If so, how did you do it? How did you get them beyond the title? What was their and the school community's response to the show? Any accolades you would care to share with me?I've made a very strong case for the show, and one person is reading it. I am curious if other people have had the same problem.