Questions for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

October 1, 2016
Is there any alternative version of the song "Chip's Lament" for High Schools. If you did this show, did you cut the number, or have an alternative? Thanks,

Adding ensemble to "Spelling Bee?"

July 28, 2012
Has anyone seen/done a version of Spelling Bee where extra cast members are added to sing some of the songs, just to get more kids involved in the show? I can't imagine how, as everyone obviously needs to be eliminated, but I was trying to think about it like "A Chorus Line," where the large group started and ended the show.

Ad Lib

September 21, 2009
hey, I was just wondering what is some of your favorite ad lib that Rona, and Panch say to the participants to the audience, I wanted to know