Freaky Friday - Differences in Full & One Act

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April 30, 2019
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What are the differences between the full lenth & one act editions of Freaky Friday?

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In addition to the running time and materials package (as already commented on), there are certain other fundamental differences between the two versions of the show:

  1. The one-act edition was adapted from the Disney Channel Original Movie version of the musical, which itself was adapted from Disney's full-length version of the show that premiered at Signature Theatre and La Jolla Playhouse. As such, the one-act edition is a little more suited to younger audiences and performers in terms of content.
  2. The one-act edition contains fewer songs than the full-length. However, a few songs that were lost when the Disney Channel Original Movie was created have been restored.
  3. The one-act edition contains the new song "At Last It's Me," written for the credits of the film version.
  4. Some characters' storylines have been changed in the one-act edition. Fletcher is into magic rather than puppets, as he is in the full-length version. Ellie's best freinds Hannah and Gretchen have been replaced with Monica and Karl from the film adaptation. The role of Savannah's sidekick, Kitty, has been expanded in the one-act edition.

Additionally, as touched upon before, licensees of the one-act edition get to keep all librettos and the Piano/Vocal Score. The show is meant to be performed with accompaniment tracks that come standard as part of the license of the show. However, unlike Broadway Junior ShowKits, there is no Director's Guide, Choreography DVD, or Resources Disc.

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May 2, 2019

For the One-Act Edition, there are digital audio tracks that are automatically provided as a part of the standard set of materials. For the full version, there is a separate Performance Accompaniment Recording available, give your mti rep a call for the price quote. 


May 1, 2019

Are recorded performance accompaniments available for both the One Act and Full length versions of Freaky Friday?

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April 30, 2019

Greetings! The one act version of Freaky Friday is about 90 minutes long, where the full length is appoximately 2 hours. The one act version also includes supplementart materials similar to the the Broadway JR showkits.  The full version materials are rented as you know.  Hope this helps!