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Hello, I'm wondering from those who have done this show before, if it would be appropriate for 4-5th graders. I only ask because I know the original B'way musical has themes of violence and alcoholism among other "adult themes." Have these things been changed at all for the Jr. version, or are they true to the original? For example, does Sarah still get drunk in Havanah??Thanks!
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May 8, 2012
Hi William! Thanks for a great question. The advantage of the JR versions is they HAVE been edited and piloted so that the material is age appropriate. As you know, the music sustains this show over years AND age groups. Sarah does drink "Dulce de Leche-spanish for "milkshake", but with artistic direction can act tied/sleepy and not drunk. The scene has about 14 lines and goes directly into "If I were a Bell". The most successful way to present gambling, is to present it historically, and kids make the present day connections to good/bad behaviors and their cause and effect. Quite honestly, it is a fabulous character ed teaching tool. I worked on the new Director's Guide for this show as well as curriculum connections and am happy to share thoughts, scenes etc. with you. Take a look at the script, and would love to chat about it. Hands down, one of my favorite classics for kids in the series. Feel free to Cindy