Finding materials for sets and scenery.

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January 13, 2010
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My group will be performing Guys and Dolls Jr.. Where in NYC (We are located in the Bronx) can I have inexpensive materials for building our sets and scenery?
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January 13, 2010
Hi Carlos! What a GREAT show "Guys and Dolls Jr." is! Depending on your staging area,(stage, cafeterium,???), you might not need to spend much $$ on sets for this show. The mission is great with benches carried on by the actors, and foldable flats can suggest the mission etc. Black wall or curtain with movable prop pieces for the sewer scene and Havana scene are fun to construct. The lightest, most awesome material right now is to use the pick insulation sheets...can be taped together, cut easily with the correct tool, light as a feather and can stand without heavy bases. The other GREAT option many are using are the mini revolve system that Wally Meier designs. 4 small triangle revolves solve most of your stage problem. There is no fly space required, little wing space needed, everything is on wheels and easy to turn, reusable and all stores flat...yay! He has designed them for many of the Jr. shows and you can get the booklet of directions through MTI. If you are interested in the foldable flat directions, please email me at and I am happy to attach directions! Great opportunity to build new stuff cheaply with your kids! Home Depot in the Bronx is user friendly and inexpensive. Local neighborhood hardware stores sometimes bend over backwards to help school programs....put them in the program, give them tickets. They have been my "unsung heros"!