Calling all SHREKsperts...audition question

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November 26, 2013
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If you are doing a first-round vocal audition and the show is SHREK. What is your song choice? What song, obviously not from the show, convinces the music director that you can sing the role of Fiona and gets you a "call back"? Thanks for any and ALL suggestions!
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January 7, 2016
Hello,, Lacking computer skills I am have some issues on the new website. I am hoping to contact Christie Jeter regarding a Thoroughly Modern Millie post I read addressing the cue cards. We too would like to add 2 performers and eliminate equipment. We have a few questions: what size were the letters, were cards on easel/rings to flip...and do you have the cards for rent? Any advice you could give us is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Billye Kubiak