Music Man Band Costumes FOR SALE! Nice.

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Congratulations on your group's upcoming production of Music Man!  

We are retiring our Music Man costume rental collection and will be SELLING OUTRIGHT our band costumes.  Full band uniforms (jackets, pants and hat with plumes), majorettes, and drum major are all available in various sizes.
This is a great opportunity to purchase costumes for your show and keep them.  No worries about returning rentals, damages, security deposits, missed deadlines, etc.  They would be yours to keep, alter, adjust, etc. as needed plus you can get them well in advance of your show so you have plenty of time with them.  
Reach out to us soon by email to start a discussion on our availability, pricing and your needs.  These will go quickly as Music Man is a very popular show.  If you want a peek at the band uniforms, we have posted a few photos at    

Thank you.  Reach out with any questions and to discuss pricing.  We hope to move these soon. 


  • High quality & custom made. 
  • As is.  Some minor repairs and cleaning needed.
  • Collection includes:
    • 19 Red Band Jackets, Ivory Bibbers, Red Shako Hats with Red Plumes
      • Jackets Sizes/Quantity: 28S-1, 30R-2, 32R-4, 34R-4, 36R-4, 38R-3, 40R-1
      • Bibbers Sizes/Quantity: XS-2, S-4, M-6, L-5, XL-3
    • 1 Ivory Drum Major Jacket with Tails, Ivory Bibbers, Ivory Shako hat with Ivory Plume
      • Size: 38R-1
      • Bibbers: L-1
    • 5 Majorette Jackets and Ivory Skirts
      • Jacket & Skirts Sizes/Quantity: S-5