Disney's Mulan JR. Backdrop for Rent

This collection of hand-painted theatrical backdrops from Backdrops Fantastic is available for rental or purchase for productions of Disney's Mulan JR.

Oriental Landscape 1
Oriental Landscape 1 OR023 20x40 Mulan Jr. Backdrop Rental
Code: OR023
Size: 20' x 40'
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Oriental Landscape 2
Oriental Landscape 2 OR024-S 20x45 Mulan Jr. Backdrop Rental
Code: OR024-S
Size: 20' x 45'
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Oriental Landscape 3
Oriental Landscape 3 OR025 20x40 Mulan JR. Backdrop Rental
Code: OR025
Size: 20' x 40'
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See more backdrops for Mulan here: http://www.backdropsfantastic.com/backdrop_themes/Theme_Backdrops_Oriental.html


Product Info:

All of our backdrops are fitted at the top with our unique elastic Velcro ties, plus a pipe pocket at the bottom for additional weighting. The backdrops are lightweight, easy to install, flame-retardant, and are shipped in convenient, sturdy, roll-around cases. We offer both hand-painted and digitally printed drops on a variety of materials. 

We also offer customized show packages based on your specific production needs. No more money spent on drops you cannot use or do not want. Rent as few or as many backdrops as you require.

Please contact us for pricing and additional information.
Phone: 1-800-508-1916
Email: sales@backdropsfantastic.com
Web: www.backdropsfantastic.com