Legally Blonde the Musical Rental/Purchase

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  • Delta Nu Interior and Large Window
  • Elle's Dorm Wall
  • Elle's dorm room
  • Benches x6
  • Bookcase Wall A
  • Bookcase Wall B
  • Mansion Shower (Back of Wall)
  • Clothing Rack
  • Small Windows x6
  • Large Windows x2
  • Harvard Doors Inside
  • Harvard Doors Outside Classroom
  • Harvard Signs x2
  • Judges Booth
  • Mansion Toilet (Back of Judges Booth)
  • Salon SR
  • Salon Counter
  • Salon Entrance
  • Salon SL w/ door
  • Table x2

Firefly Landing Productions is a new theater arts production company serving the greater New England area.

We currently have a Legally Blonde the Musical Set for sale or rent. 

Firefly Landing Productions works to support arts programs of all shapes and sizes with its expertise in theatrical design, fabrication and consultation.

We offer design, construction, rentals and installations for live productions. Along with this new Legally Blonde rental, we offer the following services…


* Theatrical design including detailed plans, cut lists and scenery support. 

* Custom orders for specialty and stock scenery for purchase or rent. 

* Full design, build and installations for productions within the New England Area

* Specialty prop, special effects, costume and puppet rentals 

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any requests, orders or questions. We are always happy to help and welcome the opportunity to assist with any productions if our schedules allow. 



We currently have a Legally Blonde the Musical set available, stored in Lebanon, NH. The entire set can fit in one large Uhaul truck. Additional travel arrangements and installation support can be added to the purchase or rental price of the set for an additional cost. Our scene shop may also be able to redesign, construct and/or add pieces to better suit the needs of your space. Please feel free to email any and all questions. We are happy to work with your company to help facilitate any issues. 


Legally Blonde Cost Breakdown

Rentals: $5,000 

(w/out shipping, travel or installation.)  

Rental w/ Installation: $5,000 base rental 

(w/ estimated delivery and installation depending on the crew size and location.)

Purchase: $10,000 Comes AS IS

(Additional scenery can be added, adjusted or repainted based on the need of the purchaser for an additional cost) 


This design is meant to be flexible so pieces may be used to represent more than one place. Many pieces are reversible so that they can be used in a variety of scenes. We are happy to work with the renter or purchaser to develop a scene by scene breakdown to ensure your production runs smoothly and efficiently. 

The following items are included in the price. 

(Specific measurements available upon request)



Delta Nu Exterior

The company this was originally designed for did not include a Delta Nu Exterior. 

Designs are available and additional scenery could be added to the package for an additional cost. 



Delta Nu Interior  

Two Wagon Unit (Pinks and White)

First Wagon

Stairway (Railings need to be replaced) 

Second Wagon w/ second floor (including legs and bracers) 

First Floor: Separate Double Doors and 3 Flats 

Second Floor: Single Door (Built in Flat) and 2 Flats 


Mall/ Dressing Room Boutique 

    Wall Unit A (Hanging Clothing Rack) (Yellow) (Reversible w/ Bookcases (Brown))

    Table A (Brown) 

    Additional (2x6) Frame to be reassembled and flown 

(For additional cost could be remade on wagon) 


Outdoor Courtyard 

    Paper Lanterns (Flown) 


Harvard Scenery: (Used in different configurations for multiple scenes)

     Table A and B (Brown) 

    Harvard Doors Wagon with Flats and Double Doors 

(Reversible for classroom or courtroom) 

Wall A (Bookshelf (Brown) (Reversible w/ clothing racks) (Yellow) 

Wall B (Bookshelf (Brown)) (Reversible w/ Shower) (Blues) 

Harvard Banners (x2) (Flown Units) (Also used for Graduation Finale) 


Harvard Yard 

    Small Windows w/ brick (x6) (Flown, comes with flying hardware)


Additional Harvard or Courtroom Look

    Large Window w/ brick (x2) (Flown, comes with flying hardware)


Hair Affair 

    Rolling Front Desk Counter 

    SR (3 Wall Flats and 1 Wagon) (Teal w/ additional counter, shelf and painted mirrors) 

        (Reverse Elle’s Dorm Room)

    2 Silver Stools 

    SL (2 Wall Flats, Door Flat and 1 Wagon) (Teal) 

        (Reverse Elle’s Dorm Room)

    2 Seated Hair Dryers 

    Salon Entrance Wall w/ Door (Silver) (Flown) (Includes  Flying Hardware) 


Elle’s Dorm Room 

    SL (3 Wall Flats and 1 Wagon) (Pinks) 

        (Reverse Hair Affair)

SR (2 Wall Flats, Door Flat and 1 Wagon) (Pinks)

(Reverse Hair Affair)  



    3 Flat Unit w/ Working Door (Flown) 



    (Reuse Bookcase Wall A & B) 

        (Reverse Shower for Wyndham Mansion)

(Reuse Large Windows) 

(Reuse Table A & B) 

Judges Booth and Witness Stand (Brown) 

        (Reverse for Wyndham Mansion “toilet” and seat) 

    Matching Wooden Chairs (x6) (Brown) 

    8’ Benches (x6) (Lite Brown) (Used throughout the show include courtroom and graduation scenes) 


Please email for more details.