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  • Boys band bib-style top, red felt, gold trim
  • Bandleader jacket, red with gold soutache trim

Band costumers made for a junior high production of The Music Man Jr. There are 8 pullover, bib-style tops with ribbon trim, band uniform style. Seven are identical, one is a little bit fancier for Tommy Djilas. They're made of craft felt with grosgrain ribbon ties at the side, 24 inches shoulder to hem. Should fit most kids or teens. Can be worn over their regular costume -- they pack a great visual punch for the entrance of the band at the Finale. You could add red t-shirts or white pants if you want to get fancy. 

Also -- band leader jacket for Harold to change into as he begins the intro to "Seventy-Six Trombones." This is a wool jacket with gold soutache braid on the fronts, collar and sleeves. Zips up the front. Was originally outerwear but not too warm to wear for a single scene. The jacket measures 42" around -- a comfortable fit for an actor with a 36-38 inch chest, 5 inches from neck seam to sleeve cap.