Bushel and a Peck - Guys and Dolls

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  • 6 high school dancers posing in Bushel and a Peck costumes
  • accessories for sale for Guys and Dolls Bushel and a Peck
  • custom tail, arm poofs, and fascinator for Adelaide

Set of 7 total showgirl Bushel and a Peck costumes from Wisconsin high school's 2021 production of Guys and Dolls.

6 dancers each: feather headbands, feather boa belts/butt poofs, sparkly fingerless gloves, gold dance team dress w/dance pants

1 set for Adelaide: yellow fascinator, custom organza poofy tail, custom organza arm poofs, sparkly fingerless gloves, gold dance team dress w/dance pants

dance dress sizes: 2 small, 3 medium, 2 large

Shipping from metro Detroit.

Please contact Oshkosh North High Choirs: