Lion King Set

This professionally designed, constructed and painted set is available for sale. Set used once. Buyer will provide pick up in Kalamazoo, MI including trucks, straps and loading team and assumes all loading responsibilities from our storage unit. Buyer assumes all liability during loading, transit and unloading of the set. Seller not responsible for loading or securing the set pieces in the vehicle. If interested, we will prepare an invoice for you requiring that half of the purchase price in a check be mailed with the balance of the price being paid in person at pick up. Set was moved with two 24' box trucks to its current storage location, but buyer can request more specific information about the trucks used. A hydraulic lift gate is preferrable, but if not available, buyer will need to provide a moving team of 8 very able bodied people to load the trucks.

The theatre pictured in these images has a proscenium opening of approximately 19 feet high by 40 feet wide.

Set includes:

Pride Rock including high quality casters. The unit is approximately 8' tall, 11.5' deep and 9.5' wide.

Gorge consisting of six tracked side tab walls (four upstage and midstage side wall units at 18' high by 10' wide and two proscenium tabs at 18' high by 3' wide) and two center walls (midstage wagon at 10' high by 12' wide and downstage wagon at 6' high by 20' wide. Originally designed as free standing upstage and downstage walls on casters (casters are included) and midstage slider units (track and track accessories not included) and proscenium tabs on small casters, but can easily be retrofitted to fly or wagon by the buyer. Digital projection of stampede available for sale for an additional fee.

Ramp for Scar with a coordinating cage wagon for the Zazu puppet both have casters included.

Custom made by Rosebrand traveling scrim custom painted by our professional scenic artist. No fullness. Grommets at top. No chain weight provided, but there is a chain weight pocket at bottom of drape.

Two wagons of 2D foliage with some 3D treatment casters included.

Elephant graveyard including left stair, center portion and right stair. This is a gem of a piece. This is worth the purchase of the entire scenic package. Left stair unit is approximately 5' by 5'. Center portion is approximately 4' by 8'. Right stair unit is 6.5' by 5'. The entire unit's height is approximately 8.5'.

Upstage groundrow.

Rising sun drop.

Giant Mufasa head sculpture wagon (casters included).

Please contact Robert Jordan via email if interested in more information.

This description and terms of sale subject to change by seller.