Lion King Pro 1, 2, 3 and Pro 4

We are offering four complete costume, mask and puppet plots for Lion King, jr and Lion King Experience.  Starting at just $55 for costume/mask and up to premium mask/costume packages starting at $75 each and masks for as low as $35 each and up

Lioness beaded-costumes and masks, imported puppets for giraffes, gazelles, Zazu costume with puppet; Hyena puppets and also non-puppet costume and masks with glow in the dark eyes; Scar, Simba and Mufasa mask/costume packages; Timon and Pumbaa (lightweight options), Various Birds, 3D zebras, Cheetah puppet, Africa chorus starting at just $25 each, Grasslands x8, Rising sun, Elephant puppet and much more

We are here to serve budgets of all levels.  Contact Theater by Design, Justin Parks at 815-814-4349 for availability and more information on how to reserve your dates.