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Melodies from ALL IN LOVE (composer Jacques Urbont) were occasionally used as background music on the hit TV series, “Mission: Impossible.”

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What is a ConversationPiece™?
Wouldn't it be great if, during rehearsals, you had the opportunity to have the creators of a musical talk to you directly about their show? Impossible? Not with MTI's Video ConversationPieces™.

These 30-60 minute DVDs offer sessions with Broadway's most successful directors, lyricists, composers and writers, inviting you to explore the impetus and ideas behind select MTI shows.

These videos are as educational as they are inspiring--offering invaluable inside tips on casting, costumes, set design, special effects, characterization and plot. A sample of the titles available:




ASSASSINS - Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics) and John Weidman (book) discuss their compelling creation along with original set designer Loren Sherman. This hour-long video invites you to study the elements that make this surreal drama flow.

BABY - Composer David Shire and director/lyricist Richard Maltby, Jr. take the viewer through an in-depth, detailed view of the characters and plot as they talk and sing through the score and discuss the plot and musical devices that make BABY a show that glows with an inner joy.

FOREVER PLAID - director/choreographer/writer Stuart Ross explains how you, too, can assemble the most successful musical revue in years. With members of the original cast and musical director Kevin Cole, Ross lays out the do's and don'ts of making this hilarious and touching show fly.

INTO THE WOODS - James Lapine (book and original director) and Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics) discuss the staging and musical elements that are critical to the show's performance. Lapine tells you how to create your own scary woods; Sondheim performs a few numbers while giving hints on how to get across the main themes of the show; and both advise on fairy tale motifs and musical interpretation.

SHE LOVES ME - Jerry Bock (music), Sheldon Harnick (lyrics), Joe Masteroff (book) and David Loud (musical director, Broadway revival) provide fascinating details about the way the material was created and provide rich historical context for both its story and score.

STARTING HERE, STARTING NOW and CLOSER THAN EVER - The journey of life begins with the jaunty STARTING HERE, STARTING NOW and continues with the older and wiser CLOSER THAN EVER. Through discussion and example, David Shire and Richard Maltby, Jr. show us the heart, wit and wisdom to be found in these two revues of their talented collaborations.

THE WORLD GOES 'ROUND -The creative team of Scott Ellis, Susan Stroman and David Thompson, share their insights, staging tips and conceptual approach for this wonderful revue. Special appearances by John Kander and Fred Ebb highlight this entertaining and informative video which celebrates the show that is a tribute to the genius of their collaboration.

When you license one of these shows, a free DVD of the Video ConversationPiece™ is provided as part of your standard set of rental materials. VideoConversationPieces™ may also be rented (separate from a show license) for three weeks for a fee of $25, plus a security deposit refunded to you upon the safe return of the video. 

Shows with this resource available include...
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