Emperor's New Clothes, The (Prince Street Players' Version)

Emperor's New Clothes, The (Prince Street Players' Version)

Book by  Jim Eiler
Music by  Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy
Lyrics by  Jim Eiler
Based on the classic story by Hans Christian Andersen

2 Acts, Book Musical, Rated G
The Prince Street Players Version

Two con-men "play the palace" in this family-friendly adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's satirical tale.

The establishment that has become synonymous with theatre for young audiences, Prince Street Players, puts their trademark breezy flair on the classic tale - The Emperor's New Clothes (Prince Street Players Version)! Designed specifically for young audiences, this version is a charming exploration of the dangers of vanity. Featuring a host of hilarious characters including a brassy, tap-dancing bugle-playing Empress.

Two con-men, Mr. Stitch and Mr. Sew, wreak havoc at Wits Ends Palace when they present the Emperor with a special gift: an exquisitely beautiful "magic" suit of clothes, invisible to all but the wisest of men. The dangers of vanity are hilariously addressed with a host of delightful characters, as Emperor Maxmilian the Most dons his most expensive, least visible outfit. It looks like it's up to the lowliest of the Emperor's staff, Chester the Jester, to imbue his highness with some common sense.

The Emperor's New Clothes (Prince Street Players Version)'s small technical and cast requirements ensure it will fit perfectly onto any size stage and into nearly any sized-budget. As with all Prince Street Players' shows, the materials for The Emperor's New Clothes (Prince Street Players' Version) include spectacularly detailed costume designs, prop descriptions, and stage notes should they be needed by the creative team.

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