Book by  Sarah Schlesinger and David Evans
Music by  David Evans
Lyrics by  Sarah Schlesinger

1 Act, Book Musical, Rated G
TheatreWorks USA Version (1991)

The famous Swiss orphan takes the stage in this musical adaptation of the children's book.

Warmth, humor and melody abound in Heidi, a fresh take on the beloved story about a Swiss orphan who restores joy and meaning to the life of her bitter, lonely grandfather. A skillful and spirited reworking of the Alpine classic, this exquisite adaptation is a touching celebration of optimism, determination and friendship - with plenty of fun, excitement... and yodeling, to boot!

Recently orphaned and turned over to her ill-tempered grandfather, the young Heidi feels out of place but finds a fast friend in goatherd Peter. With his help, she finds ways to get past her grandfather's callused exterior. Just when a bond is forming, however, Heidi is whisked away by her aunt to Frankfurt. Coupled with her sharp wit and strength, she becomes determined to find a way back to her grandfather's arms.

A skillful and spirited reworking of the Alpine classic, Heidi is a touching celebration of determination and friendship with ample amounts of excitement. The libretto's quick pace and style is sure to retain the interest of all audience members - whether young or young at heart.

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