The Adventures of Tom Sawyer TYA

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer TYA

Conceived and Written by  Ken Ludwig
Music and Lyrics by  Don Schlitz
Based on the novel by Mark Twain

1 Act, Book Musical, Rated G
Theatre for Young Audiences Version

The classic Mark Twain story jumps off the page in this adaptation of America's favorite book. (One Act Version)

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer TYA is the irresistible story of a fourteen-year-old boy growing up in the heartland of America based on the classic novel. Filled with foot-stomping, toe-tapping songs by Don Schlitz ("The Gambler") and a book by Ken Ludwig, this musical adventure is a tale of thrilling escapes, comedy and inspiration for the whole family.

Set in 1840 Missouri, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer TYA is the tale of young Tom Sawyer and the never ending mischief of which he so often finds himself a part of; whether it's matching wits with Aunt Polly, tricking his friends into white-washing a fence for him, or narrowly escaping the clutches of a murderous villain. Along with best friend Huckleberry Finn and love interest Becky Thatcher, the greatest Tom Sawyer exploits are plucked from the book and plopped on the stage.

Aside from having one of the most recognizable titles from literary history, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer is a superb family-friendly show. A reduced cast size and running time as well as potential for tying into English curriculum make this an exemplary choice for theatres looking to tour to schools.

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Composer/Lyricist Sherman Edwards was a history teacher turned songwriter from Morristown, New Jersey. He spent ten years working on 1776.

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