The Main Street Kids' Club: A MathStart Musical

The Main Street Kids' Club: A MathStart Musical

Book and Lyrics by  Scott Ferguson
Music and Lyrics by  Michael Mahler
Based on the MathStart books by  Stuart J. Murphy
Based on the MathStart® books by Stuart J. Murphy published by HarperCollins Children’s Books

1 Act, Book Musical, Rated G
Original Version (2012)

A math club, a treasure map and some adventurous kids add up to a whole lot of fun and learning!

The Main Street Kids Club: A Mathstart Musical
is inspired by the award-winning visual learning book series MathStart by Stuart J. Murphy. Based on 6 of the books from Murphy's popular 63 title series, the musical was developed through a special program at Northwestern University. Scott Ferguson, of Schoolhouse Rock fame, penned the book and lyrics for this fun, educational show!

Toby, the new kid at school, wants to join the Main Street Kids Club (M.S.K.C.), but he's worried his math skills aren't strong enough to earn him an invite. When the members of the M.S.K.C. realize they need money to rebuild their clubhouse, Toby sees his chance - he shares a treasure map he found, but it doesn't go quite as he planned. Weaving together six stories, each focusing on a separate mathematical concept, The Main Street Kids Club follows Toby as he tries to join the club and prove his math skills.

With many featured roles and a diverse cast, The Main Street Kids Club is a great ensemble piece for adult actors to perform for kids. With Resources like a reference score and the built in teaching aid that is the Stuart J. Murphy book series, The Main Street Kids Club is both informative and fun. The snappy tunes, colorful characters, and fast-paced storytelling tell a tale of adventure, mystery, and friendship - and it gets the math right. What's not to sing about?

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