Frankly Ben

Frankly Ben

Book by  Timothy Allen McDonald

1 Act, Book Musical, Pop / Rock, Rated G

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Visit a world of scientific invention and individual achievement in the slick rock musical about the legendary Ben Franklin.

Meet the Benjamin Franklin you never knew in Frankly Ben, the rock and roll Theatre for Young Audiences musical from the writers that brought you The Musical Adventures Of Flat Stanley. This upbeat tale, that entertains while it educates, reminds us how we all have the power to make a difference.

Get ready for the historical adventure of a lifetime with none other than Benjamin - not the elder statesman, fat-bellied, funny glasses Franklin - but Ben, the fifteen year old, who is inquisitive, mischievous, and of course, inventive! Ben's first great idea is to form a club called Junto. But while Ben thinks the club is just about hangin' out and having fun, his club mates have something else in mind. Will Ben reach his potential? Will he fulfill his destiny? With the help of his friends, Ben realizes that he needs to learn about the importance of wisdom, virtue and leadership if he is to become the great inventor and statesman we all know.

With a short running time, minimal cast size, infectious score, and chock-full of scientific and historical nuggets, Frankly Ben is the perfect show for adults to present to children. Kids and parents alike will find themselves having a rockin' good time while learning about America's most electrifying Founding Father.

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