Audition Central: Annie JR.

Character Breakdown: Additional Characters

The most important qualities to look for in casting the remaining roles are vocal accuracy and the ability to develop a character. Each role is self-explanatory and usually identified by the character's occupation. Help your students develop these characters in the context of the historical time period. Students that are more comfortable performing in groups (without solo singing) might be cast as servants, pedestrians, Bundles, the chauffer, Louis Howe, the apple seller and the dogcatcher. Many a career had been launched by playing an apple seller at age ten! Some students may be wonderful organizers and love to be in the middle of everything, but afraid to be onstage. They can still fill important roles in the production, as chorus members or working on a committee or on the stage crew. Remember, the cast can be as large as your imagination.

Not all these characters have audition scenes provided. Feel free to use other character's scenes to audition these roles.