Audition Central: Finian's Rainbow JR.

Character Breakdown: Senator Rawkins

A self-righteous politician who openly dislikes anyone different than himself. He pretends to be kind and gracious to get what he wants, but quickly drops that pretense once he achieves his goal. During the show, the Senator magically changes into a different man (on the outside), and by the end of the show, even though his appearance changes back to his original form, the Senator learns to be a kind and caring person. You can cast one person or two different people in this role. If you cast two, one actor will play the Senator before the change, called "Senator" in the script, and one for after the transformation, called "Rawkins" in the script. The actor who plays the Senator will return to the role for the end of the show when his appearance is changed back. Also, if you have two actors playing this role, the actor playing Rawkins should be a good singer and dancer. The Sentator needs to be an excellent actor.

Vocal Range

Eb4 - D5