Audition Central: Magic Tree House: The Knight at Dawn KIDS

Character Breakdown: Commoners

Sharon the Sheep Shearer, Chandler the Candle Maker, Bartley of the Barley Meadow, Cartwright the Cart Builder, and Tom the Tinker. The common members of the kingdom who try to talk their way into the castle feast so that they can catch a glimpse of the Black Knight. (Think: fans trying to get backstage to meet their favorite rock star). The names of the characters were based on traditional medieval surnames that identified a person's occupation. Feel free to assign additional names to match the number of performers in the cast. Although these children need not be the strongest actors/singers, they should sing well enogh to round out the choral parts throught the show and they should have a foo memory for lines so that their dialogue with the Castle Guards can feel natural, almost overlapping. If these actors are doubling as Suits of Armor or Keepers of the Dungeon, make sure to cast kids who can sing those parts.