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Cast Size: Flexible Cast Size
Cast Type: Star Vehicle Female
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Jabez Briggs
The youngest member of the Briggs clan. He is a rambunctious child who loves baked goods, hates wearing pants, and gets into as much trouble as he can.
Gender: male
Age: 6 to 9
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: E4
Clara Clegg
Mrs. Preebs
Mrs. Lunny
Reverend Lapp
A foil to Birdsong, he is the fire-and-brimstone reverend of Greenwillow. He is constantly warning the villagers of the pits of hell. Pessimistic and controlling.
Gender: male
Age: 35 to 55
Vocal range top: D3
Vocal range bottom: A2
Gramma Briggs
Amos's mother and Gideon's no-nonsense grandmother. She unofficially runs the household in Amos's absence and adores her family.
Gender: female
Age: 60 to 70
Vocal range top: E4
Vocal range bottom: E2
One of Dorrie's two aunts. She is the harsher of the two and wants Dorrie to be happy, whether with Gideon or another man.
Gender: female
Age: 30 to 40
Gideon Briggs
The second-in-command of the Briggs clan. He loves Dorrie but is plagued by the fear that he will be called to wander and end up abandoning his family like his father. Smart, handsome, tough.
Gender: male
Age: 20 to 30
Vocal range top: G5
Vocal range bottom: B3
Dorrie Whitbred
She longs for Gideon's love and doesn't understand the call to wander he tells her will eventually befall him. Loves to bake for the village. Pretty. Shy. Innocent. Sweet.
Gender: female
Age: 18 to 25
Vocal range top: A5
Vocal range bottom: B3
Amos Briggs
Gideon's father. Handsome and well-intentioned but a largely absent father unable to resist the voice that calls him to leave his family for travel.
Gender: male
Age: 45 to 55
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: B3
Micah Briggs
Gideon's little brother. Though he is not the oldest, he tries to be a 'man' in the Briggs household. Worships his brother and wants happiness for he and Dorrie.
Gender: male
Age: 13 to 16
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: C4
Martha Briggs
Gideon's mother and the matriarch of the Briggs family. A loving mother who cares for her children and husband, and does the best she can to provide for them in his absence.
Gender: female
Age: 40 to 50
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: D4
Sheby Briggs
Thomas Clegg
The Briggs' crabby old neighbor and Gramma's former flame. He is pessimistic and insists that Gideon and Dorrie shouldn't be together. Resigns himself to being a helpless sinner.
Gender: male
Age: 60 to 70
Vocal range top: D4
Vocal range bottom: C3
Reverend Birdsong
The new and second reverend in the town of Greenwillow. Plump and always pleasant, he is the antithesis of Lapp. A jolly schemer who always looks for the good and uplifting parts of the Bible.
Gender: male
Age: 50 to 60
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: B3