Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

On a windy, busy street in a bustling city, carpenters and painters are hard at work. Two painters discuss which color to paint a sign, blue or yellow, finally deciding on green after bumping into each other and accidentally mixing the colors. The doorman for #7 N Avenue works on a crossword puzzle as the Man with the Yellow Hat enters optimistically. As the wind continues to blow, the Man with the Yellow Hat realizes that he is without his companion, George. George, a curious little monkey, enters, enthusiastically waving a red kerchief that he has found. An attempt to tie the red kerchief for George by the Man with the Yellow Hat is foiled by another gust of wind, sending the kerchief and the monkey running back down the busy street, meeting all his friends along the way ("Curious George Theme Song").

Having regained his red kerchief, George is excited to show off his well-practiced serving skills in preparation for the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-MEATBALL-DAY-AT-CHEF-PISGHETTI'S. Using tennis balls in place of meatballs, George carefully demonstrates to the Doorman and the Man with the Yellow Hat how he will serve Chef Pisghetti's customers with intense focus until a delivery truck horn blares and immediately snatches George's attention ("Special Delivery"). Accepting the delivery, George inquires about the sticker on the package. The Doorman and the Man with the Yellow Hat explain that the sticker shows the recipient where the package came from and its destination. In this case it, came from Rome, Italy, and arrived at #7 N Avenue for George! George is thrilled with the bubble wrap but even more enthralled with his very own Chef's hat and an invitation from Chef Pisghetti to help him cook the meatballs. George decides that there is no time to waste and rushes over to Chef Pisghetti's Ristorante with the Man with the Yellow Hat.

George and the Man with the Yellow Hat arrive at the kitchen of Chef Pisghetti as he finishes a pep talk to his assistant cooks. Delighted at George's arrival, Chef Pisghetti requests a picture by Netti with his little look-a-like in the matching hat and red kerchief. Seeing George in his hat from Rome, Chef Pisghetti reminisces about the beauty of his home country ("Ah, Roma") and all of its wonderful things, especially the Golden Meatball Contest. George is intrigued by this contest, where a trophy is given to the chef who makes the most delicious meatballs. Although Chef Pisghetti would love to enter the contest, he never has, preferring instead to focus his cooking skills on his own customers and the All-You-Can-Eat Meatball Day. Chef Pisghetti, George and the Cooks work together to make the famous meatballs ("Dash of Joy"). Finally, it is time to deliver the delicious meatballs to the hungry customers... only the dining room is empty! The kitchen staff and George notice a crowd gathering across the street and race out to see what is keeping people away from Meatball Day.

A slick salesman, Phineas T. Lightspeed, has the crowd whipped into a frenzy with his one-of-a-kind Meatball-o-Matic 9000, which produces instant meatballs ("Who's Got Time"). Chef Pisghetti is devastated and defeated when an invitation to attend the Golden Meatball Contest arrives in the mail ("Special Delivery Reprise"). George, Netti and the Man with the Yellow Hat try to convince the Chef to participate ("Golden Meatball"). However, Chef Pisghetti refuses to enter the contest, believing that no one will ever want his meatballs again.

Returning to #7 N Avenue, George and the Man with the Yellow Hat meet the doorman just as another delivery arrives ("Special Delivery – Reprise #2"). The package is addressed to a Georgette Johnson, who does not live at #7 N Avenue. The Delivery Man allows George to stamp the package with the Return to Sender stamp and heads along his route, forgetting his stamper with George. George discovers how to cheer up Chef Pisghetti and get his meatballs to the contest by stamping the delivery box from Rome that contained his Chef's Hat with Return to Sender... and jumping inside with the meatballs and the invitation ("George Goes to Rome / Curious George Theme Song – Reprise #1")! The Man with the Yellow Hat and the Doorman enter and quickly deduce George's plan before heading off to Rome themselves.

George peeks out of his box and onto a busy piazza in Rome. Italian painters welcome him to the city ("That's How You Know You're in Rome"), paint his portrait and bring him to the Golden Meatball Contest at The Coliseum. The Man with the Yellow Yet, Chef Pisghetti and Netti enter the piazza and notice the painting of George. They quickly head to the Coliseum, narrowly missing George along the way ("Go, Monkey, Go"). Also on his way to the Coliseum is Phineas T. Lightspeed, set on winning that contest.

As the chaos settles, George and the Man with the Yellow Hat bump into each other. Reunited at last in front of the Coliseum, they inform a lost Chef Pisghetti on the phone that George has entered his meatballs into the contest. Chef Pisghetti is touched to have such a friend in George ("A Buddy Like You"). Only, unbeknownst to George, you cannot just bring meatballs to enter; you have to cook them fresh at the contest. With no time to make it to the Coliseum, Chef Pisghetti asks George to cook the meatballs for him. George agrees, but hangs up the phone without learning what the secret ingredient is ("The Contest / Keep Your Eye on the Ball").

Once the contestants complete their meatballs, it is time for judging to begin ("Judging: That's a Meatball"). Chef Pisghetti runs in, but it is too late to add the secret ingredient. Frankie, the judge, tastes each meatball and names George and Chef Pisghetti the winners! Chef Pisghetti informs George that he had the secret ingredient all along: Love. ("Finale: Curious George Theme Song – Reprise #2").