High School Musical Costumes

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  • Original High School Musical Costumes by ACD Sports

ACD Sports offers a wide selection of High School Musical costumes in youth and adult sizes for schools and theaters performing the play.  We designed the costume line in 2007 for Pacific Repertory Theater and have been providing them to casts worldwide ever since.  Our costumes have been updated over the years, with better fabrics and fits.  We offer the costumes brand new for sale, which we've found can be cheaper and easier than renting.  This way we can make sure you get all the sizes you need, when you need them, and early enough to do promotions or alterations.

We have no minimums or maximums.  We are happy to do a group of 5 basketball players or a group of 125 jocks, cheerleaders and brainiacs.  You can order and pay right off our website at hsmcostumes.com or www.acdsports.com and scroll to the High School Musical costume category.

Because we are selling the costumes, we can put whatever player names you want on the back of the basketball jerseys or you can get a set of WILDCATS tees with or without names on the back.  We are all about making the costumes fun, not a hassle or stressful part of your show.

Red or White or Reversible Basketball Uniforms

4 Styles of EHS Cheerleader Costumes + Poms & Megaphones

Red & White Warmup Jackets and Pants with big WILDCAT head on the back

Coach Polo Shirts

Brainiac Lab Coats

Tees, Hoodies & Fan Jerseys 

Basketball Player Banners (Bolton, Danforth, Baylor)


Scholastic Decathlon Banner


Red E Ball Caps

Email michelle@acdsports.com if you have questions!  We'd love to work with you!