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What a fun show! Between the intense choreography and cheer formations, demanding vocals, and creative lighting designs, the last thing you want to worry about is COSTUMES! Worry no more! We spent hours creating custom uniforms for our spring 2019 production fo BRING IT ON The Musical, and now you don't have to!

Available to rent are:

  1. 1 Parrot costume - Truman Mascot
  2. 18 Truman Uniforms - Red, white, & silver skirts and tops- Girls' size XL, Women's sizes XS-XL, 1 Men's Red and white track suit - size L, 1 red and white track pants - size L
  3. 1 Lucky the Leprechaun Costume - Jackson Mascot
  4. 22 Jackson Uniforms - Green & Gold - Girls' size XL, Women's sizes XS-XL, Men's Green track pants/shorts, sizes M-XL

Please contact Summer Heartt at for more information.