Animated Scenic Projections - Shrek the Musical

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  • Shrek Scene Example
  • Shrek Scene Example
  • Shrek Scene Example

High quality animated scenes for use in Shrek the Musical productions! Please view YouTube video ( ) for examples of the animations included in the designs. 

Once purchased, buyers will have access to a full package of animated and still designs for use in a production of Shrek the Musical which will be transferred to the client via email in their choice of format. (PowerPoint, video, or .zip file.) The PowerPoint also includes scene cues in the notes of the presentation that are compatible with Shrek, Jr. Once purchased, the images will no longer have a watermark. 

If additional scenes are needed, they can be requested on commission at a rate of $15 for every hour spent creating the required animation or art.

Shrek, Jr./TYA Pricing 

$75 per performance

$25 per technical rehearsal 

Shrek the Musical (Full Show) 

$100 per performance 

$50 per technical rehearsal

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about purchasing this package or are interested in commissioning unique scenic animations for your next show!

I grant free usage rights to Johnson Central High School, allowing them full access to the scenic projections without purchase. In addition, these scenic projections are property of Amelia Kretzer and cannot be used without explicit permission.