The Little Mermaid Various Set/Props

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  • ursula COSTUME

Various items: Please email for specific questions and to ask about specific items.

1. Stage dressing/decorations for proscenium and 2nd layer, Includes 2 massive detailed seahorses, 2 massive 3d starfish, a giant box of acrylic seaglass-painted bubbles, 2 squid, 1 incredible detailed (with mosaic glass eyes) octopus, tons of 3d coral, seaweed etc. 

2. Ariel's Rock

3. Shore Rock Wall and Pier decor

4. Rolling pier for after Eric's drowing

5. 3 Mersister, Girl Cave "She's in Love" decor for wooden blocks (wooden blocks not included)

6. Ariel's Grotto (some decor not included)

7. URSULA's Ballgown style skirt and Tentacles with black corsette (not shown), (wig not included) Size 3X. Custom Made. 

8. Ursula's Shell Stand (shell not included)


10. Some small props available: dinglehopper, wedding bouquets, Ariel's veil, some grotto set dressing, small royal bench used in "If Only", Under the sea instruments, etc.