Little Shop of Horrors Flower Faces and Vines for Finale

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Little Shop of Horrors Flower Faces and Vines for Finale

We created these vines for the Little Shop finale with a variety of green fabrics from Rosebrand. We ripped and knotted them together to create a backdrop around the actors that was approx 15 feet across by 12 feet tall.  You can retrofit as you wish and  spread them out or clump them together. Will also include a bit of the leftover fabric if you want to make additional vines or make them longer etc. If you need more you can always add to it with your own fabric. We have about 50 hours of work into the creation of them. They create a great effect.  The first photo shows it in use with the plant and actors in place (sorry that one does not show full height).  The second one shows full height without the plant and cast. I added some more vines after I took that pic but it gives you a good idea. Sorry I did not think to take more pics while the set was up. 

For the actors we have 4 flower headpieces and camo netting tunics and vine arm pieces included for the "eaten" cast. 

$250 to purchase. $125 to rent plus shipping or pick up in Rochester, NY.