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Interested in renting scaffolding for your production?  We have scaffoding to rent!

*Local Pick-Up Only


Scaffolding Information

What we have:

9 Sets of Walkthrough Scaffolding

·         5’W x 6’4”T x 7’L

·         Including Wooden Platform on Top

·         Railings not included

3 Sets of Walkthrough Scaffolding

·         5’W x 6’4” T x 4’L

·         Including Wooden Platform on Top

·         Railings not included

3 Sets of Wheels (4 wheels to a set)

·         8” Caster Set with Span Pins (1-3’8”)

4 Metal Finger Pier Ladders

Stringers for Steps onto platform from wings 


$50 per set of scaffolding for the run of the show + rehearsal (Max 8 Weeks)

            Each Set includes:

·         Includes 2 walkthrough scaffolding frames

·         2 cross-braces

·         Wooden Platform (Platforms should be bolted together through already existing holes, bolts not included

·         You are allowed to paint the scaffolding and the platforms

·         Railings not included, but can be easily built with 2x4s and 2x2s

Scaffolding can be stacked on top of each other and we have the posts and pins to stack them. No extra charge for posts and pins.

3 Sets of Wheels--$20 extra per set

Metal Ladders--$50 per ladder

Stringers for Stairs (from off stage onto top platform)--$25 per set (2 available)


SPECIAL OFFER: $600 Max Rental Fee (If your rental price goes over $600, you will only be charged $600)


Contact Lucas at for more information.