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Something Rotten — Fully Orchestrated Performance Tracks and Piano Rehearsal Tracks

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We offer 2 different versions of our shows: Piano Rehearsal Tracks (Available NOW!) and Fully Orchestrated Performance Tracks (Available January 2020). The Piano Rehearsal Tracks are a reduction of the orchestral parts. You can choose to purchase only the piano tracks if you are planning on having a live orchestra play for the show, and you need something to work with during rehearsals. If you buy the Fully Orchestrated Performance Tracks (intended for live performances) this will also include the Piano Rehearsal Tracks.

The rehearsal tracks and subsequent modifications to the rehearsal tracks are made available instantly for digital download, or can be mailed on a CD.

The final orchestrations are mailed to you pre-loaded on an Apple iPad, equipped with state of the art audio cuing software preinstalled, and your tracks ready to perform.

Any requested alterations to the tracks (additional vamps, key changes etc.) can be incorporated and updated in 24-48 hours of when they are received from you. All changes to the rehearsal tracks are made available instantly for digital download, or can be mailed on a CD. Changes made to the final orchestrations will be able to downloaded directly into the cuing program.

No license of the performance rights of any show is implied or included by working with If you are performing these works, you MUST have obtained performance rights, as well as the orchestra scores from the appropriate licensing agency (MTI, R&H, Samuel French, etc.)