Flexible Victorian House Set for Sale

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Cleveland Musical Theatre is looking to sell an absolutely gorgeous set that could work for a multitude of period plays and musicals! In the fall of 2018, CMT was pleased to present the world premier revised-version of the Broadway musical, "Jane Eyre." The show was custom designed by Gabriel Firestone - an amazing NYC-based designer - and fabricated by the incredible TTS Studios in South Carolina (www.tts-studios.com). As this production has now moved on to the next phase of its life, the existing set - currently sitting in climate controlled storage in Cleveland, OH - is no longer needed.

Here are the basic details of why this set is a solid investment:

1) The set itself features a 3-wall interior which could be ideal for almost any period piece - everything from A Little Night Music to Eugene Onegin to The Secret Garden (and, of course, Jane Eyre);

2) The show has its own deck which allows for a 2-level playing space;

3) There is a gorgeous carved stone portal which creates the perfect framing device for the show.

This set was originally constructed for $60,000 - and that was a deep discount done as a favor - so the quality and retail value are top notch. We would be willing to sell it at a MASSIVELY discounted rate. All bids are welcome!

Here is a link to view Hi-Res performance photos of the set in Cleveland: